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Broker Lic#: 00966759
NMLS#: 316624
I have been a full time real estate broker since 1986.
What have I learned from 1986 to present?
3 real estate cycles: Expansion - Peak - Contraction - Recovery

I have learned how to have a steady income during good or even bad times in real estate markets...

I have learned how to work effectively and have achieved tremendous results...

I have learned how to avoid lawsuits in real estate transactions...

Learn how to be a successful real estate professional...

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The potential of your real estate career is unlimited, so if you are serious in the real estate industry, come join our team and we can create a prosperous future together.

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The potential of our company is unlimited. If you are ethical, professional, knowledgeable, and are capable of managing an office, come affiliate with us.

Burlingame office: 1299 Bayshore Highway #120, Burlingame, CA 94010


It covers most of the area that you like to work with, from the Peninsula to San Francisco.

  • Our location is highly visible and has heavy foot traffic
  • Easy access to all San Francisco & Peninsula locations
  • Open 7 days a week
  • MLS member of San Francisco/ San Mateo
  • Escrow/ loan coordinator to support your real estate/ loan transactions
  • In-house loan dept. to help you gain more control
  • Advertising reimbursement programs

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Broker Lic#: 00966759
NMLS#: 316624
Direct: (415) 819-8785
Burlingame Office:
(650) 340-8989 x113